The Beginning of my Blogging, and Why You Might Care About My Ramblings

As New Years was quickly approaching a little less than a week ago, I sat in my room and thought about what I could possibly change about my life. What did I want to accomplish in the new year?

One of my problems with New Years resolutions is that I don’t just make one resolution — I usually make a dozen.  I end up dividing my time into a bunch of different resolutions for the new year, and in the end, I end up accomplishing little to nothing.

So this year, I made myself stop at four.

One of my resolutions was to write a science-fiction novel.  I have always loved writing, but I never seem to have the time to work through a finished product. I’ll imagine great story ideas, write the first chapter of a book, and then grow tired of it. I’ll write a poem, but I will be too lazy (and sensitive) to edit it later.

Writing a novel was also my resolution for 2012. I give myself some credit — I managed to get down 50 pages. However, as usual, I became distracted, and it was pushed to the side for the rest of the year.  My goal was to finish writing this novel.

After I came up with this resolution, along with the resolutions of training for a 5K, buying much more thoughtful Christmas presents next year, and donating some of my clothes to Goodwill, I got to thinking about how much I love writing and how I never get to do it.  After coincidentally stumbling across a friend’s blog on New Years day, the idea to start my own blog was born.

There are a few things that I can promise about my blog posts, and a few things that I cannot promise.

I promise that everything I post on this blog will serve some sort of purpose — to inspire, to educate, to reflect, or to laugh.  I will not ramble on about the great cafeteria lunch I had on Pizza Friday or take you through a verbal scrapbook of my childhood.  If I share my life experiences, it’s because I found them important and applicable to some greater meaning.

I cannot promise that my blog posts will be short. It’s very likely they will be long because I’m a wordy writer, but I will try to tone it down.

I promise that I will update this blog frequently with things that I think my potential followers will care about, or should at least know about.

I cannot promise that I will not post the link to this blog a billion times on Facebook.

I promise that I will be as honest as I possibly can.  It’s my personal belief that the most important aspect of writing is honesty.

Welp, the rules of my blogging world have been laid down for all to see.  Blog post number one, complete!

Happy New Years, everyone! :-)

Sincerely, Erika


Go Pirates!!!



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