My Favorite “Vegetable”

Generated poem/story #1: my mom has requested I write something on tomatoes, so here is my 20-minute poem:


Rows and rows of
raging red rubies
hanging from thin photosynthetic supporters.
The skinny green stems struggle to
hold their fruits up proudly
under their weight.
Squeezing between each wall of plants,
I grab each and every one of them,
thinking of all of my fond memories:

McDonald’s ketchup
pizza sauce
spaghetti sauce

I smiled to myself as I lugged
my first bag of home-grown tomatoes into the house.
I scrub the smooth skin of each under the sink,
and I chop up the first in the time of a blink.
A shiny middle slice catches my eye–
From between its sliced buddies, I pry the little guy…
after all of this hard work, this first tomato is mine.
I popped Shiny Slice quickly into my mouth,
and from there, the experience quickly turned south.
The juices exploded in every direction
each taste bud mad, yelling their rejection
I spit the intruder into the trash can–
maybe these would taste better in a frying pan.







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